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Airflo Flats Master Fly Line Wf10f/i

Airflo Flats Master Fly Line: Crafted for Australian Saltwater Mastery

Introducing the Airflo Flats Master, an innovation tailored specifically for the discerning Australian saltwater fly angler. Developed in collaboration with Manic Tackle Project and esteemed local experts Micah Adams, Dave Bradley, and Clint Isaac, this fly line is set to redefine your saltwater fly fishing experience.

Key Features:

Expert-Driven Development: Crafted with insights from key Australian saltwater fly experts Micah Adams, Dave Bradley, and Clint Isaac, the Flats Master is designed to meet the unique demands of Australian conditions, providing an edge in diverse saltwater environments.

All-Purpose Tropical Saltwater Fly Line: Micah Adams emphasizes the versatility of the intermediate tip line, making it the most useful all-purpose tropical saltwater fly line for Australian waters. Ideal for boat or wade fishing, it excels in shallow waters, ensuring your fly stays in the feeding zone for longer.

Ultra-Durable Construction: Built with Airflo's ultra-durable Polyurethane coatings and featuring new Super Dri technology, the Flats Master guarantees longevity and reliability in the harshest saltwater conditions.

10' Fast Intermediate Tip (1.5 IPS): The Flats Master stands out with its 10' fast intermediate tip, providing the perfect balance for effective fishing. Unlike typical lines, it utilizes Airflo's non-stretch power core, ensuring maximum feel, improved hook sets, and optimized casting power.

Perfect for Large Flies: Tested by Dave Bradley, the line's non-stretch core is highlighted as crucial for setting larger hooks effectively, making it well-suited for Australian conditions where larger flies are often preferred.

Bonefish Taper: Featuring Airflo's popular bonefish taper, the Flats Master delivers enough power to handle heavy crab patterns without sacrificing casting accuracy or creating excessive splashing.

Subtle Coloration: The pale sky blue belly and running line, coupled with a slightly grey-tinged clear tip, offer underwater invisibility and reduce flash, providing a stealthy approach to wary saltwater species.

Wide Weight Range: Available in weights 8 through 10, the Flats Master covers a spectrum from in-shore bream to permit and larger flats species, ensuring you have the right tool for every saltwater fly fishing pursuit.

Elevate your saltwater fly fishing game with the Airflo Flats Master – where innovation meets expertise for a true Australian saltwater mastery. Order now and experience the difference on the flats!

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