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Alvey 65gvcrt Surf Champion Reel (was 6500bcvrrt)


This product is stocked in assorted colours and styles. The colour and style will be selected and distributed randomly in orders. If you wish to choose a specific colour contact the store directly.

Alvey Surf Champion 65GVCRT Turbo Cast Rapid Retrieve Fishing Reel

The Alvey 65GVCRT reel is an advanced model featuring the Turbo Cast mechanism and a rapid retrieve handle plate system, offering enhanced recovery rates and powerful fish-stopping capabilities.

Key Features:

Turbo Cast Mechanism: Incorporating the Turbo Cast mechanism, this reel ensures extended casting distances by maintaining a slight distance between the reel and rod, facilitating smoother line flow.

Rapid Retrieve Handle Plate System: The innovative handle plate system offers up to a 30% increase in recovery rate using the smaller handle, while the larger outer handle provides powerful 1:1 fish-stopping action.

Line Capacity: Boasts a generous line capacity of 650m/9kg, ideal for various fishing styles and target species.

Recommended Rods: Ideally paired with R62 and R65C rods for optimal performance and compatibility.

Reel Colour: Comes in a vibrant yellow color, providing visibility and a striking appearance on your fishing setup.

Spool Diameter: Features a spool diameter of 165mm (6 ½") for efficient line management and retrieval.

Target Species: Suited for targeting Bream, Salmon, Tailor, Mulloway, and other similar species, offering versatility for various fishing endeavors.

The Alvey 65GVCRT Turbo Cast Rapid Retrieve fishing reel is engineered to deliver extended casting distances, enhanced retrieval rates, and robust fish-stopping power, making it an ideal choice for anglers targeting a range of species in different fishing conditions.

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