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Alvey 65s Stealth Reel

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Alvey 65S Stealth Surf Reel

The Alvey 65S Stealth Surf Reel represents the pinnacle of surf fishing gear, designed for seasoned surf anglers seeking top-tier performance. Paired ideally with the R65S Stealth Rod, this combination offers exceptional lightweight construction coupled with remarkable durability for a superior fishing experience. Tailored for lines ranging from 12lb to 30lb breaking strain, it's well-suited for targeting surf species such as Tailor, Salmon, and Mulloway.

Key Features:

High-Tech Engineering: Crafted using cutting-edge engineering, the spool and back plate feature high-grade carbon fiber molding material, ensuring a balance of strength and lightweight construction.

Precision Components: Equipped with a grade 5 Titanium spindle, CNC-machined stainless steel friction tube, and Titanium handle screws attached to a Carbon Fiber CNC-machined handle plate, offering both exceptional strength and lightweight functionality.

Superior Drag System: Boasts a robust drag system comprising laser-cut stainless steel clutch washers interleaved with Carbontex washers, delivering ultra-smooth and powerful drag action. The drag pressure can be adjusted up to 10kg via the large disc on the spool's front after engagement through the lever at the reel's back.

Fish Alert Feature: Includes a fish alert button, emitting a ratchet sound when the reel is left unattended as line releases. During a fish fight, the reel provides a warning ratchet sound while releasing line.

Specifications: Approximately 680 grams in weight, featuring a spool diameter of 165mm (6 ½") and a line capacity of 650m/9kg, tailored for an array of surf species.

Recommended Rod: Ideally matched with the R65S Stealth Rod for optimized performance and compatibility.

The Alvey 65S Stealth Surf Reel embodies a perfect balance of lightweight design and robust engineering, offering seasoned surf anglers a premium fishing experience, impeccable drag control, and superior performance in targeting various surf species.

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