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Bassman Codman Dt 1oz Spinnerbait Lure

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Introducing the Codman Series D/T Spinnerbaits

A Game-Changer for Cod Fishing: The Codman Series D/T Spinnerbaits have revolutionized Cod fishing, offering a perfect balance of weight, vibration, and the right Colorado setup. This spinnerbait has become the go-to choice for many anglers chasing Cod, delivering an enticing performance that makes it irresistible to these predatory fish.

Heavier Wire, Enhanced Vibration: Featuring a heavier wire than traditional spinnerbaits, the Codman Series D/T maintains optimal vibration without sacrificing performance. When paired with the right Colorado setup, this spinnerbait emits vibrations that echo a tempting invitation for Cod to strike.

Versatile Presentation: The Codman Series D/T comes equipped with a stinger hook and trailer plastic, providing a comprehensive setup to increase your chances of hooking into Cod. Additionally, the option to oversize the rear blade allows for a slower presentation, giving you versatility in your fishing approach.

Sizes for Every Scenario: Available in sizes ½ oz, 5/8 oz, and 1 oz, these spinnerbaits cater to various fishing scenarios. The carefully selected fish-catching colors have proven their effectiveness, accounting for numerous catches of Cod exceeding a meter and even surpassing 100lb.

Tailored for Dams and Slow Waters: Specifically designed for dams and slow-moving waters, the Codman Series D/T Spinnerbaits are engineered to excel in these environments. For faster waters, the option of tandem or double willow blades provides a solution to achieve depth more quickly.

Unleash the Potential: Elevate your Cod fishing experience with the Codman Series D/T Spinnerbaits—a game-changer that combines advanced design, versatile presentation, and proven effectiveness. Whether you're targeting massive Cod in dams or navigating fast waters, these spinnerbaits are your key to success on the water.

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