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Berkley Gulp 4" Turbo Shrimp Soft Plastic Lure New Penny

Experience the Power of the Gulp! Shrimp: The Ultimate Tournament Bream Soft Bait

Unparalleled Effectiveness:
The Gulp! Shrimp is not just popular; it's a proven performer on the water. Its lifelike appearance and irresistible scent make it irresistible to bream and a wide range of other species. Anglers trust the Gulp! Shrimp to consistently deliver results, even in challenging conditions.

Extensive Colour Range:
With a vast selection of colours available, the Gulp! Shrimp offers anglers the flexibility to match the hatch and adapt to changing conditions. From natural Camo and Banana Prawn to eye-catching Nuclear Chicken and Lime Tiger, there's a colour to suit every situation and target species.

Versatile Fishing Options:
One of the key strengths of the Gulp! Shrimp is its versatility. Whether you're targeting bream on the bottom, fishing structure like boats and pontoons, or casting over sand flats and weed beds, the Gulp! Shrimp can be rigged and fished in a variety of ways to suit your preferred technique and the prevailing conditions.

Nitro Jig Head Compatibility:
The Gulp! Shrimp pairs perfectly with Nitro jig heads, offering anglers a wide range of options to match their fishing style and target species. Whether you prefer a bottom-hugging presentation with short, sharp jerks or a subtle, finesse approach, there's a Nitro jig head to suit your needs.

Lifelike Action:
When fished correctly, the Gulp! Shrimp exhibits a lifelike action that perfectly mimics the movements of a fleeing prawn. Its natural buoyancy and soft texture make it irresistible to hungry fish, eliciting strikes even from the most discerning bream.

Elevate Your Tournament Game with Gulp! Shrimp:
If you're serious about tournament bream fishing, the Gulp! Shrimp is a must-have in your tackle arsenal. With its proven effectiveness, extensive colour range, and versatile fishing options, it's the ultimate soft bait for targeting bream and other species. Trust in the power of the Gulp! Shrimp and prepare to reel in tournament-winning catches!

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