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Cressi Tokugawa 3mm 1 Piece Wetsuit

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Explore Australian Waters with the Cressi Tokugawa 3mm Wetsuit: Unmatched Comfort, Purposeful Design

Designed for Adventure, Crafted for Comfort

Introducing the Cressi Tokugawa 3mm Wetsuit, a single-piece steamer meticulously fashioned from 3mm thick double-lined neoprene. Engineered with precision, this wetsuit's camouflage is purposefully tailored for the diverse waters of Australia, ensuring effectiveness in open water and reef environments alike.

Key Features

Adaptive Australian Camouflage: Seamlessly blends in various Australian aquatic landscapes, enabling versatile usage around reefs and open water.

Enhanced Protection: Extended high-wear knee pads safeguard both the suit and the diver against abrasions from rocks and reef contact, ensuring durability and protection both in and out of the water.

Optimal Loading Comfort: Featuring a high-density chest loading pad, ensuring comfort and practicality when loading your speargun, enhancing your diving experience.

Dura-Stretch Nylon Lining: Balancing flexibility and durability, the lining offers exceptional stretchiness without compromising on robustness, providing unparalleled comfort for the price point.

Quality Craftsmanship: Equipped with premium YKK zips for durability and smooth functionality, ensuring ease of wear and removal.

Discover an unparalleled blend of comfort, functionality, and affordability with the Cressi Tokugawa 3mm Wetsuit. Ideal for beginners and budget-conscious spearos, this wetsuit offers remarkable comfort and flexibility without compromising on durability, making it an exceptional choice for your underwater escapades.

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