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COASTAL SV TW 150 Baitcaster: Your Inshore Saltwater Workhorse
The COASTAL SV TW 150 baitcaster is tailor-made for light tackle enthusiasts navigating inshore saltwater territories, ideal for targeting Gulf Coast redfish and speckled trout. Its design suits small plastics and popping cork setups, serving as a versatile tool for inshore saltwater applications across various coasts.

This compact reel boasts a 150 Size Spool within a 100 Size Reel Body, offering a deeper spool that handles braided line pressures effortlessly. The SV Spool, designed for strength, ensures smooth performance even under intense strain.

Benefitting from the T-Wing System, this reel allows the line to flow freely through the level wind's eye, enabling seamless long casts without friction. Its sturdy build, featuring an Aluminum frame and Aluminum side plate, ensures durability and reliability.

The innovative Zaion Star Drag incorporates "high density" carbon strain material, boasting 20 percent greater strength and 50 percent lighter weight than traditional nylon and aluminum materials. A 100mm Swept Handle provides a comfortable and natural grip for rigorous cranking.

If you're seeking a robust, small-sized baitcaster for inshore endeavors, Daiwa's COASTAL SV TW 150 is the ultimate choice for today's versatile angler.


Aluminum Frame and Aluminum Side Plate
8 Bearing System (2CRBB + 5BB + 1RB)
T-Wing System
ZAION Star Drag
100mm Swept Handle
SV Spool

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