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Daiwa Zillion Tw Hd Baitcaster Reel

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Daiwa ZILLION TWS HD: A Masterclass in Precision and Performance
The ZILLION TWS HD redefines excellence in high-end bass casting, exhibiting unparalleled versatility across various fishing techniques like cranking, swimbaits, pitching, and flipping. This reel seamlessly blends precision and performance, excelling in diverse roles where absolute finesse is paramount.

Key Features:
G1 Duralumin Deep Spool: Crafted from a lighter yet robust alloy, providing increased line capacity without compromising on spool balance.

T-Wing Design System (TWS): Facilitates freer line release with reduced friction, enabling longer casts with improved accuracy.

Magsealed Ball Bearing (MBB): Ensures protection from dirt and water intrusion, enhancing durability and reliability.

Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag (UTD): Offers a maximum drag of 15.0 lbs, delivering smooth and powerful stopping capability.

Large Swept Power Handle: Equipped with EVA handle knobs, providing a comfortable grip and increased torque per crank.

Rugged Construction: Features a lightweight aluminum frame and handle side plate, along with durable Zaion lightweight side plate, ensuring robustness without added weight.

Magforce®-Z Cast Control: Offers precise casting control for improved performance in varied fishing conditions.

Technical Specifications (ZLNTWHD1520SH):

Bearings: 1 MBB, 9 CRBB, 1RB
Gear Ratio: 7.3:1
Line Per Handle Turn: 32.2"
Weight: 8.1 oz.
Line Capacity (Lb. Test / Yards):
MONO: 16/135, 20/100
J-BRAID: 40/190, 55/145
Max Drag: 15 lbs

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