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Jack Armour Point Break Bifocal Sunglasses (black)

Introducing the Jack Armour Point Break Ready Made Bifocal Safety Glasses:

Stay protected and enhance your vision with the Jack Armour Point Break Ready Made Bifocal Safety Glasses. Engineered for durability, comfort, and optical clarity, these safety glasses are designed to keep you safe and focused on the task at hand, whether you're on the job site or enjoying outdoor activities.


Medium Impact Protection: The Point Break safety glasses offer medium impact protection, making them suitable for a wide range of applications where eye safety is paramount. From construction sites to outdoor sports, these glasses have you covered.

Bifocal Design: With ready-made bifocal lenses, these glasses provide clear vision for both near and distant objects, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of glasses or constant switching between safety eyewear and reading glasses.

Polarised Grey Lens: The polarised grey lens reduces glare and enhances contrast, providing excellent optical clarity even in bright conditions. Whether you're working in direct sunlight or navigating outdoor environments, these lenses help reduce eye strain and improve visibility.

AS/NZs 1337.1 Approved: Rest assured knowing that the Jack Armour Point Break Safety Glasses meet the stringent safety standards set forth by AS/NZs 1337.1, ensuring reliable protection for your eyes.

Available Bifocal Strengths: Choose from three bifocal strengths—+1.50, +2.00, or +2.50—to suit your individual vision needs and preferences.


Lens Color: Grey
Lens Type: Polarised
Impact Protection: Medium Impact
Standards Compliance: AS/NZs 1337.1 Approved
Upgrade your eye protection with the Jack Armour Point Break Ready Made Bifocal Safety Glasses. With their durable construction, bifocal lens design, and polarised grey lenses, these glasses offer superior safety, comfort, and visual clarity for all your tasks and activities. Whether you're working or playing, stay focused and protected with Jack Armour safety eyewear.

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