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Loon Hard Head Clear - Glossy Finish Fly Tying Cement (1 oz)

Say goodbye to the hassle of mixing epoxy, and welcome the convenience of Loon Hard Head Clear - your go-to solution for adding a glossy finish to your flies. This 1 oz bottle of thick head cement is designed for anglers who demand perfection in every detail. Here's why Loon Hard Head Clear is a must-have for fly tying:

Thick and Glossy:
Loon Hard Head Clear is a thick head cement that dries hard and glossy, providing a professional finish to your flies. Achieve that polished look without the fuss of epoxy mixing.

Odorless and Non-Toxic:
Fly tying should be a pleasure, not a chore. Loon Hard Head Clear is odorless and non-toxic, ensuring a pleasant and safe tying experience.

Water-Based Formula:
Crafted with a water-based formula, this head cement is not only easy to work with but also environmentally friendly. Tie your flies with a clear conscience.

Applicator Brush Included:
Loon Hard Head Clear comes with a convenient applicator brush, making the application precise and hassle-free. No need for additional tools – simply brush on for a flawless finish.

Versatile Applications:
Perfect for building up heads and bodies, Loon Hard Head Clear is an excellent choice for adding the finishing touch to your flies. Ideal for painting poppers and achieving a high-gloss look that captures the attention of fish.

Elevate your fly tying game with Loon Hard Head Clear. Experience the convenience of a glossy finish without the epoxy fuss. Tie with precision, confidence, and a touch of professionalism.

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