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Nomad Dartwing 130mm 36g Popper Lure

Nomad Design DARTWING 130mm: Mimicking Skipping Baitfish with Erratic Darting Action

The Nomad Design DARTWING 130mm emerges as the ultimate surface skipping popper, meticulously designed to replicate the movements of fleeing baitfish and trigger predatory strikes. With its distinctive Dartwing head design, this lure exhibits erratic side-to-side darting action when retrieved across the surface, imitating the behavior of scared and injured baitfish. Whether you're targeting Tuna, Mackerel, Tailor, Kingfish, Trevally, Salmon, or other surface-feeding saltwater species, the DARTWING 130mm offers a versatile and effective solution for enticing strikes.

Key Features:

Dartwing Head Design for Erratic Darting Action:

The DARTWING 130mm features a unique Dartwing head design that induces erratic side-to-side darting action. This mimics the movement of scared and injured baitfish, making it a compelling target for predatory fish. The lure's ability to dart across the surface creates maximum disturbance, enhancing its effectiveness.
Surface Skipping Popper for Versatile Retrieval:

Designed as the ultimate surface skipping popper, the DARTWING 130mm allows for versatile retrieval techniques. Anglers can use a fast retrieve to make the lure skip across the surface or employ a twitching rod tip action for a bouncing effect. This adaptability caters to different fishing scenarios and angler preferences.
Ideal for a Range of Saltwater Species:

The DARTWING 130mm is well-suited for targeting various saltwater species, including Tuna, Mackerel, Tailor, Kingfish, Trevally, Salmon, and more. Its enticing action and lifelike appearance make it a formidable choice for enticing strikes from predatory fish in different saltwater environments.
Super Strong Inline Hooks and HD ABS Construction:

Crafted for durability and fish-fighting strength, the DARTWING 130mm features super-strong inline hooks. The lure's construction utilizes High-Density Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (HD ABS), ensuring toughness and longevity even in challenging fishing conditions.
Gorilla Through Wire System:

The Gorilla Through Wire System employed in the DARTWING 130mm further enhances its durability and robustness. This advanced wire-through construction adds to the lure's ability to withstand the aggression of powerful and hard-fighting fish.
Designed and Tested by the Nomad Sportfishing Team:

The Nomad Design DARTWING 130mm is a product of the expertise of the Nomad Sportfishing Team. Designed and tested in Australia, Nomad Design lures are known for their toughness, longevity, and effectiveness. The team's decades of experience contribute to the success of each lure in various fishing scenarios.
Highly Detailed Colors and Effective Shapes:

Nomad Design lures, including the DARTWING 130mm, boast highly detailed colors that mimic natural prey. The effective shapes of these lures are carefully crafted to attract fish, making them visually appealing and irresistible to predatory species.

The Nomad Design DARTWING 130mm stands out as a top-tier surface skipping popper, designed to emulate the movements of scared baitfish and trigger aggressive strikes. With its Dartwing head design, versatile retrieval options, and durability features such as super-strong inline hooks and the Gorilla Through Wire System, this lure is a reliable choice for anglers pursuing a range of saltwater species. The Nomad Sportfishing Team's expertise and commitment to crafting effective lures shine through in the DARTWING 130mm, offering anglers a proven tool for successful saltwater fishing adventures.

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