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Ocean Hunter Spirit Fins Green

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The Ocean Hunter Spirit Freediving Fins are designed in Europe specifically for spearfishing and freediving, boasting the most extensive size range available. These fins are tailored with thermo synthetic rubber foot pockets for enhanced comfort and feature an angled Tri-material blade, ensuring optimal thrust and acceleration. The various colors available in the Ocean Hunter Spirit fins represent distinct blade stiffness, catering to a diverse range of diver sizes and power needs.

Key Features:

Versatile Usage: Ideal for spearfishing and freediving, these fins offer excellent value and are equipped with a long blade, making them well-suited for learning and improving diving skills.

Comfortable Design: The rubber foot pockets are engineered to provide exceptional comfort, ensuring ease of use for extended periods underwater.

Durable Blade Construction: Crafted from durable thermoplastic material, the blades guarantee longevity and resilience even in challenging underwater conditions.

Blade Stiffness Options: The various color options – Blue, Black, and Green – correspond to different levels of blade stiffness. The Blue blade provides a super-soft flex, while the Black and Green blades offer a standard flex, accommodating a wide spectrum of diver preferences and power requirements.

These Ocean Hunter Spirit Freediving Fins are a reliable choice for both beginners and experienced divers, offering comfort, durability, and performance across different diving scenarios.

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