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Ocean Pro Ceduna Mask, Snorkel And Fins Set

Embark on Adventure with the Ocean Pro Ceduna Travel Set

The Ocean Pro Ceduna Travel Set is your ultimate snorkeling companion for adult adventurers. It's a comprehensive set containing a mask, snorkel, and fins—everything essential for diving straight into an unforgettable underwater experience.

Comfort Meets Convenience:

The mask features a comfortable black silicone skirt, ensuring a snug fit and pain-free wear. Equipped with a tangle-free adjustable strap, fitting the mask is effortless. The tear-drop shaped lenses elevate your field of vision, allowing you to capture every underwater moment with clarity.

Snorkel Designed for Ease:

The 100% liquid silicone purge snorkel is a marvel of convenience. Its splash guard top minimizes water entry into the tube, ensuring uninterrupted breathing during your aquatic explorations.

Premium Features for Ultimate Performance:

Performance Multi-fit Snorkelling Fin: Crafted for performance and versatility, these fins ensure effortless propulsion and maneuverability underwater.
Soft Silicone Bungee Strap: Designed for comfort, the bungee strap includes a quick-release buckle for hassle-free adjustments and secure wearing.
Drop-Away Liquid Silicone Snorkel: With a splash guard top and a purge system, this snorkel streamlines your snorkeling experience, letting you focus on the wonders beneath the surface.
Dive into Superior Quality:

Experience the blend of comfort, convenience, and superior design with the Ocean Pro Ceduna Travel Set—a companion crafted to enhance your snorkeling adventures.

Your Gateway to Underwater Wonder:

With its thoughtful design and premium features, this set invites you to discover the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater world with comfort, clarity, and confidence.

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