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Primal Smash Fly Rod

Introducing the Primal SMASH Saltwater Fly Rods - Your Gateway to Saltwater Bliss

The Primal SMASH is not just a fly rod; it's your ticket to the thrilling world of saltwater fly fishing – consider it your "gateway drug" to the ocean's wonders, only without the guilt. Crafted with precision and innovation, the SMASH series is your all-in-one solution for venturing into the realm of saltwater angling.

Key Features:

Advanced Modulus Fighting Taper: Experience the power of the advanced modulus fighting taper, allowing you to effortlessly handle the challenges of saltwater fly fishing. From precision casting to controlling feisty oceanic predators, the SMASH delivers.

Corrosion-Resistant Componentry: Built to endure the corrosive nature of saltwater, the SMASH series is equipped with corrosion-resistant componentry. Fish with confidence, knowing your gear is ready to take on the elements.

High Modulus 55MSI Blanks: The high modulus 55MSI blanks provide the backbone for your saltwater adventures. Feel the strength in every cast and the responsiveness required to tackle a variety of saltwater species.

Low Mass Single Foot Guides: The low mass single foot guides contribute to the rod's sleek design while reducing overall weight. Enjoy the benefits of a balanced and responsive rod during your saltwater pursuits.

UHC - Ultra Light Helical Core: The Ultra Light Helical Core (UHC) technology enhances the rod's strength and responsiveness. Feel the rod come to life as you engage with the power of the ocean.

LFA - Longitudinal Fibre Alignment: With Longitudinal Fibre Alignment, the SMASH rods achieve optimal strength and casting performance. Every cast is an opportunity to connect with the essence of saltwater fly fishing.

LMS - Low Mass Scrim: The Low Mass Scrim construction adds sensitivity and responsiveness, allowing you to detect subtle strikes and make accurate casts with ease.

Complete Travel Package: Each SMASH rod comes with a Codura rod tube featuring a convenient carry strap for secure transportation. The cloth rod bag ensures additional protection for your investment.

4pc Travel Design: Ideal for the adventurous angler, the 4pc travel design makes it easy to explore new saltwater fishing destinations. Pack your rod, hit the road, and chase the ocean's mysteries with ease.

Primal Quick Fix Warranty Service: Backed by the Primal Quick Fix warranty service, the SMASH series provides assurance and support. Fish with the peace of mind that your rod is covered.

Gear up for the ultimate saltwater adventure with the Primal SMASH Saltwater Fly Rods. Order now and embark on a journey where power, precision, and innovation converge to redefine your saltwater fly fishing experience.

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