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Shimano Plays 600 Electric Reel

he PLAYS Basic Electric Reel: A Powerful and Versatile Fishing Reel

The PLAYS Basic Electric Reel is a versatile and powerful fishing reel designed to handle a wide range of electric light games. It comes equipped with a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for anglers looking to target species such as hairtail, marika, red sea bream, tenbin hairtail, flounder, and shallow redfish. Here are some key details about this reel:

Line Capacity: The reel has a line capacity of 300m for PE2 and 200m for PE3, providing ample line for various fishing scenarios.

Power and Speed: The PLAYS Basic Electric Reel offers sufficient power and speed to handle different fishing situations, ensuring you can effectively target a variety of species.


Super Free Spool: This feature enhances casting distance and overall performance.
Easy/Constant Speed Mode: Provides control over retrieval speed for different fishing techniques.
Heat-Free System: Helps prevent overheating during extended use.
Super Slow Electric Winding: Ideal for precise and slow presentations.
Shelf Memo: Allows you to mark specific depths or locations for future reference.
Mode from the Bottom: A versatile mode for bottom fishing.
Quick Return Clutch: Ensures a quick and responsive clutch engagement.
Carbon Washer: Provides durability and reliability.
Comfortable Handle: The reel features a round CI4+ knob on the handle, designed for comfort and easy grip, even in colder conditions. The handle length of 65mm allows for effortless winding with minimal effort.

One-Touch Clutch Switching: With a simple one-touch operation, you can switch the clutch ON/OFF, allowing for smoother and more controlled line management while fighting fish. The quick clutch engagement ensures you won't miss any critical moments during the battle.

The PLAYS Basic Electric Reel is a reliable and feature-packed fishing tool that will appeal to anglers seeking versatility and performance in their electric reel. Whether you're targeting specific species or experimenting with different fishing techniques, this reel has the capabilities to meet your needs.

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