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Shimano Speedmaster 14000xtc Spinning Reel >

Meet the SpeedMaster 14000XTC, the surf angler's ultimate companion—a reel that marries high performance with budget-conscious precision. A true workhorse, this reel isn't just about stunning aesthetics; it's a powerhouse designed to conquer the surf.

Packed with cutting-edge features, the SpeedMaster boasts X-Ship technology, elevating gear durability to unmatched levels while the Instant-Drag system is ready to tame the biggest fish on the line. Its Super Slow Oscillation ensures meticulous line lay, optimizing every cast for maximum distance and accuracy.

Crafted for those who demand more from their gear without breaking the bank, the SpeedMaster 14000XTC is the go-to reel for surf enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of performance and affordability.

X-Ship Technology: Ensures enhanced gear durability, providing reliability and smoothness in retrieval even under heavy loads.

Instant-Drag System: Empowers anglers to swiftly adjust the drag, applying the necessary stopping power precisely when battling formidable fish.

Super Slow Oscillation: Ensures impeccable line lay, optimizing casting distance for extensive coverage of surf zones or distant targets.

Line Capacity: Accommodates substantial line loads, allowing for ample backing and robust lines suited for surf fishing demands.

Alloy Construction: Crafted with a blend of robust materials for durability, keeping the reel resilient against the harsh conditions of surf angling.

Stunning Aesthetics: Beyond its functionality, the SpeedMaster's visually striking design sets it apart, adding an extra touch of style to your fishing gear.

Affordable Performance: Combines high-end features with a budget-friendly approach, catering to surf anglers seeking top-notch performance without an exorbitant price tag.

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