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Stonfo Vise Flytec

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This high-quality in-line 360° rotary action fly tying vise is designed for tying flies and streamers with precision and ease. Here are the key features and accessories included:

360° Rotary Action: The vise allows for a full 360° rotary action, providing flexibility and ease of use while tying flies.

Stainless Steel Shaft: The stainless steel shaft rotates smoothly through two precision ball bearings, ensuring consistent and precise rotation.

Adjustable Rotary Tension: You can adjust the rotary tension to suit your tying preferences, allowing for precise control.

Locking at 0°: The vise head can be securely locked at 0°, providing a stable platform for tying.

Compact and Lightweight: This vise is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.

Pedestal Base: It comes with a pedestal base, providing stability and flexibility in your tying setup.

Interchangeable Jaws: Three interchangeable hardened steel jaws are included, accommodating various hook sizes and styles.

Additional Accessories: The vise also includes a bobbin rest and parachute rest for added convenience. A centering gauge, spring material clip, allen key, and an instruction manual are provided as well.

Made in Italy: The vise is proudly made in Italy, known for its craftsmanship and quality.

In summary, this Italian-made in-line rotary action fly tying vise offers precision, durability, and a range of accessories to enhance your fly tying experience. Whether you're tying flies or streamers, this vise provides the tools and flexibility needed to create high-quality fly patterns.

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