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Zap-a-gap Glue 0.25oz Green Label Brush On

ZAP A GAP - Medium Cyanoacrylate - Green Label - 0.25oz / 7g

Secure your fly tying and fishing gear with the reliable Zap A Gap Medium Cyanoacrylate, featuring the distinctive Green Label. This 0.25oz (7g) bottle of medium viscosity adhesive sets in approximately 20 seconds and offers complete waterproofing. Ideal for various fly tying applications, it excels in preventing the movement of dumbbell and bead chain eyes when attached to hooks.

Key Features:

Medium Viscosity: The medium viscosity of Zap A Gap ensures a versatile and controlled application, making it suitable for a range of fly tying needs.

Quick Drying: Sets in about 20 seconds, providing a rapid solution for securing components in your fly patterns.

Complete Waterproofing: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a completely waterproof bond, ensuring durability in various fishing conditions.

Ideal for Eyes: Specifically useful for lashing dumbbell and bead chain eyes on hooks, preventing them from moving during use.

Usage Tip:
Apply Zap A Gap in a well-ventilated area and allow about 20 seconds for it to dry. Its waterproof nature makes it suitable for wet fishing environments.

Note: This adhesive is not foam-safe, so use caution when applying it to foam materials.

Secure your fly patterns and fishing gear with Zap A Gap - where quick drying meets reliable waterproofing. Tie your flies with confidence, knowing they can withstand the challenges of the water.

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