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Gt Ice Cream Skinny 1.5oz Sinking Stickbait Lure

CID GT Ice Cream Skinny: Effective Surface Lure for High-Speed Spinning

The CID GT Ice Cream Skinny stands out as one of the most sought-after surface lures for high-speed spinning, especially due to its unique skinny profile that closely resembles a garfish as it swiftly moves across the water's surface. With its heavy-weighted design, this lure is crafted for exceptional casting capabilities, allowing anglers to reach fast-moving schools of tuna, salmon, tailor, and various other predatory species. It's a versatile surface plug suitable for fishing from the beach, boat, or rocky structures.

Key Features:

High-Speed Spinning Lure:

Specifically designed for high-speed spinning, making it effective for targeting fast-moving pelagic species.
Skinny Profile:

The lure's skinny profile mimics the appearance of a fleeing garfish, adding a lifelike element to its action.
Surface Skipping Action:

The streamlined shape of the Ice Cream Skinny is optimized for surface skipping, imitating the evasive movements of baitfish.
Maximized Casting Distance:

The streamlined design not only imitates fleeing baitfish but also reduces drag, maximizing casting distance for reaching distant schools of predatory fish.
Versatile Fishing Locations:

Whether fishing from the rocks, beach, or boat, the Ice Cream Skinny proves to be effective in diverse environments.
Ultra-Strong Hook:

Rigged with an ultra-strong hook, ensuring the durability and reliability of hook sets during intense pelagic encounters.
Multiple Sizes Available:

The Ice Cream Skinny is offered in several sizes, allowing anglers to choose the appropriate lure for various fishing conditions and target species.

Anglers seeking a highly effective surface lure with a unique skinny profile for high-speed spinning will find the CID GT Ice Cream Skinny to be a valuable addition to their tackle collection. Its realistic appearance and versatile design make it a go-to option for pursuing a wide range of pelagic predators.

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