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Irukandji Sicario Dtf 150mm Pre-rigged Soft Plastic Swimbait Lure

Sicario Pre-Rigged Lures: Ultimate Predator Tackling with Immortal Durability

The Sicario Pre-Rigged Lures take the revered Sicario template to new heights, providing anglers with a hassle-free, ready-to-fish solution straight out of the box. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these lures are armed with the highest quality terminal tackle, featuring BKK Viper41 4x Trebles and BKK HD split rings. This deadly combination ensures both the sharpness and strength needed to tackle the most formidable predators in the waters.

Key Features:

Proven Sicario Template:

These lures inherit the highly successful Sicario template, renowned among anglers for its effectiveness in attracting predatory fish.
High-Quality Terminal Tackle:

Equipped with BKK Viper41 4x Trebles and BKK HD split rings, the lures boast top-notch terminal tackle. This combination of sharpness and strength is essential for taking on large and powerful predators.
Signature Tail Beat and Body Roll:

Retaining the signature tail beat and unique body roll characteristic of the Sicario range, these lures exhibit the enticing actions that make them irresistible to predatory fish.
"Immortal" TPE Elastomer Material:

Manufactured from the durable "Immortal" TPE elastomer material, these lures are built to withstand extreme conditions and the aggressive strikes of predators. This ensures longevity and allows anglers to keep casting fish after fish without compromising performance.
Internal Weight and Total Weight:

The lures feature an internal weight of 17g, contributing to the optimal balance and action. The total weight of 41g enhances casting performance, allowing anglers to reach their desired targets with precision.
Recommended Rigging:

Designed for convenience, these pre-rigged lures come ready to fish. Anglers can simply tie them on, eliminating the need for additional rigging.
Pack Inclusions:

Each pack includes one pre-rigged lure, providing anglers with a reliable and effective tool for targeting predators.
The Sicario Pre-Rigged Lures are engineered to deliver exceptional results in predator fishing. Whether you're targeting large freshwater species or tackling formidable saltwater predators, these lures offer the durability, quality, and performance needed to enhance your angling experience. With the Sicario Pre-Rigged Lures, you can confidently pursue trophy fish with a premium, ready-to-fish solution.

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