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Mmd Bonyswim 110mm 22g Hard Body Sinking Swimbait Lure

MMD Bony Swim 110mm: A Perfectly Balanced Swim Bait by Mick Molnar Design

The MMD Bony Swim 110mm emerges from the innovative design house of Mick Molnar, presenting anglers with a perfectly balanced swim bait that combines precision engineering with realistic aesthetics. This swim bait is crafted to deliver an exceptional fishing experience, featuring unique design elements that set it apart in the world of lures.

Key Features:

Mick Molnar Design: Developed under the expertise of Mick Molnar, a seasoned designer in the world of fishing lures, the MMD Bony Swim 110mm showcases meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

Perfectly Balanced: The swim bait is perfectly balanced to provide a natural and enticing swimming action in the water. This balance enhances its realism, making it a compelling lure for a variety of fishing scenarios.

Dual Joins: The inclusion of two joins in the body of the swim bait adds to its versatility and lifelike movement. These joins contribute to a more dynamic swimming action, imitating the natural motions of prey and attracting predatory fish.

Realistic Colour Range: MMD Bony Swim 110mm offers an impressive and realistic colour range. The selection of lifelike colors enhances the bait's visual appeal, increasing its effectiveness in enticing a wide range of fish species.

Floating and Slow Sinking Models: The swim bait is available in both floating and slow-sinking models, catering to different fishing environments and preferences. Anglers can choose the model that best suits their target species and fishing conditions.

Size and Weight: With a length of 110mm, the MMD Bony Swim is designed to strike a balance between versatility and effectiveness. The sinking model weighs 22.4 grams, providing an optimal weight for various fishing techniques.

HD Trebles: Equipped with high-quality and durable treble hooks, the swim bait ensures a secure hookset and increased chances of landing your target species.

The MMD Bony Swim 110mm stands out as a result of its commitment to perfection in design and functionality. Whether you opt for the floating or slow-sinking model, this swim bait is poised to elevate your fishing experience by attracting predatory fish with its lifelike swimming action and realistic color range. Embrace the innovation of Mick Molnar Design and introduce the MMD Bony Swim 110mm to your tackle box for a dynamic and successful fishing adventure.

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