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Rob Allen Slippy Lube 150g >

Slippy, the cutting-edge wetsuit lubricant, introduces a revolutionary formula designed for unparalleled convenience and effectiveness.

Key Features:

Odorless and Skin-Friendly: Free from any scent or skin irritants, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free experience during dives.

Efficient and Economical: Highly cost-effective, a single bottle can produce over 16 liters of wetsuit lubricant. Its powdered form allows for easy preparation.

Ideal for Travel: Perfect for globetrotting divers, Slippy's powdered form travels seamlessly with dive gear, saving you the hassle of finding it at a local store upon arrival.

Microbial Infection Prevention:

Hair Follicle Protection: Unlike traditional lubricants, Slippy thickens the water, forming a protective barrier that prevents water from penetrating hair follicles, reducing the risk of microbial infections.

Bacteria Deterrent: With no energy source for bacteria, Slippy sets itself apart from conventional products like shampoo or conditioner, which are rich in oils and organic acids. This unique feature minimizes the likelihood of bacterial blooms in your wetsuit.

Environmental Consideration:

Slippy is biodegradable in the presence of other energy sources, making it environmentally friendly while retaining its exceptional protective properties for divers.

Experience the innovation of Slippy, a wetsuit lubricant that not only offers unparalleled convenience and protection but also prioritizes skin comfort and environmental responsibility for divers worldwide.

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