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Get the Kids Fishing – School Holiday Fun!

The weather has improved, and the outlook for the remainder of the January school holidays looks quite good. So, why not get the kids outdoors and get them into the sensational light tackle fishing on offer in Hervey Bay right now.

There is plenty of safe and productive options for those without boats, from the huge Urangan Pier or our smaller jetties, to the vast stretches of local beaches, groynes, creek banks, and the mouths of our larger rivers. The kids can have a ball, catching anything from the smallest tiddlers for the smallest toddlers to serious sports fish or prime table fish to feed the family.

A simple, light tackle outfit is all that is needed to get amongst the smaller species on offer. The very same rod and reel that hauls in the bay’s whiting, bream and flathead will serve perfectly for those keen to get amongst the current run of pencil (arrow) squid or garfish at the pier. Fishing into the evening is the go for those chasing squid, whilst timing your efforts around high tide will serve you well if fishing from our groynes or beaches.

Harry didn't miss out on the red hot gar-fish action.

There is a degree of freshwater run-off washing down our creeks and rivers at present, so flicking small lures or soaking baits around the mouths of these waterways might see the kids hooking anything from the standard bread ‘n’ butter species, to larger and more exotic line pullers such as grunter, salmon, queenfish and mangrove jacks.

Those boating families keen to entertain the kids have options galore. The current run of spotted mackerel and tuna is substantial and can have the older kids hooting and hollering for hours on end. Spin tackle capable of launching small metal slugs and cranking them at speed is all you need, yet many fish are hooked on lighter tackle too.

Get them hooked young! Hudson enjoying his time down at the beach catching his first whiting.

The smile on Isla says it all. They don't have to be monster to keep the kids entertained & whiting are a very safe fish to target.

Chasing a feed of squid from your boat is a very simple affair. Get the kids into this activity and it will be laughs all round, as squid after squid are hauled from the water and they jet their ink in the direction of you or the kids. Their lightest rods are perfect, and even the littlies can enjoy this form of squid fishing.
Take them for a run down the Great Sandy Straits, or just head over to Fraser Island, and fish the mouths of the little creeks for a mix of whiting, bream, flathead and grunter. Anchor up on the nearby flats or out in the feeder channels and do the same thing if you prefer. Many fish will swim upstream into the creeks with the rising tide and retreat with the ebb tide. Intercept them in their travels and its smiles all round.

When the gar are thick they can keep the kids entertained for hours! Ollie and his nephews whacked them off the Urangan Pier.

So, whilst the weather holds, there is no reason for the kids to get bored at all. Fishing is an exciting and very fulfilling pastime that most will enjoy. Catch a beauty, take a photo and release it unharmed if you like, or take a few legal fish home for some of the tastiest seafood you will ever cook. The beaming pride on the face of your young ones as their catch is presented to the dinner table is pure gold and a moment they will cherish forever.

Whiting are a prime species to take the kids to target, they are easy to locate & catch. Plus safe for the kids to handle.

You don't need a lot of gear to catch nice whiting like this one of Ally's. Grab one of our Fisho's Kids starter packs & go fishing.

Finny stoked with his gar-fish. A very visual species to target for the kids as you often see the fish eat the bait as the float goes under.

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