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Alvey 60gvcrt Surf Reel (was 6000bcvrrt)


This product is stocked in assorted colours and styles. The colour and style will be selected and distributed randomly in orders. If you wish to choose a specific colour contact the store directly.

Alvey 60GVCRT TurboCast Fishing Reel

The Alvey 60GVCRT reel boasts the TurboCast system and a rapid retrieve handle plate, offering enhanced winding speed and powerful action for controlling fish.

Key Features:

TurboCast System: Equipped with TurboCast, this reel ensures extended casting distances by maintaining a slight distance between the reel and rod, allowing smoother line flow.

Rapid Retrieve Handle Plate: Provides up to 30% faster winding capability with the smaller handle, offering powerful 1:1 action through the outer handle for enhanced fish control.

Excellent Drag Pressure: The Star Nut (2022) feature delivers exceptional drag pressure without gears or bearings, ensuring a hassle-free fishing experience.

Smooth Clutch Design: The smooth clutch employs a multi-plate design, featuring polished brass plates combined with PTFE-coated glass washers, capable of withstanding high temperatures.

Weight: Approximately 700g, ensuring a balanced and manageable fishing experience.

Line Capacity: Offers a line capacity of 500m/7kg, providing ample line for various fishing applications.

Recommended Rods: Ideally paired with R60, R62, and R62L rods for optimal performance and compatibility.

Spool Diameter: Features a spool diameter of 150mm (6"), facilitating efficient line management and retrieval.

The Alvey 60GVCRT TurboCast fishing reel is designed to provide enhanced casting performance, rapid retrieve capabilities, and robust drag pressure, offering anglers a reliable and efficient tool for their fishing endeavors.

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