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Buku Pop H 210mm 100g Popper Lure

Buku Pop H Popper: Elevate Your Pelagic Pursuit

The Buku Pop H Popper isn't just a lure; it's a serious game-changer designed for serious fish, promising a revolutionary experience in your next pelagic pursuit. These Poppers redefine the concept of awesomeness, and their standout quality is evident from the moment they land in your hands. If your passion involves targeting colossal pelagics like GT, Kingfish, Dolphin Fish, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, or even Billfish, the Buku Pop H Popper is your ticket to gaining a significant edge.

Key Features:

Pelagic Powerhouse:

Tailored for massive pelagics, the Buku Pop H Popper is a powerhouse designed to entice and conquer the ocean's formidable species.
Aesthetically Striking:

These Poppers are more than visually striking; they're an understated statement of excellence. The sensational color range, added reflection, and outstanding clear coat set them apart in a league of their own.
Long Profile Body:

With a lengthy 210mm body and weighing 100g, the Buku Pop H Popper features a long profile body with a slightly angled cup face, delivering the perfect combination of action, commotion, and splash for serious surface action.
Built Tough:

Wire through construction ensures durability and reliability, while perfect balance guarantees the ultimate action that pelagic enthusiasts crave.
Handcrafted Timber Body:

Each Popper features a handcrafted timber body, adding an artisanal touch to its construction and further emphasizing the commitment to quality.
Versatile Rigging Options:

Ready to be rigged according to your preferences, the Buku Pop H Popper accommodates high-quality 4/0 trebles or can be rigged with singles. Recommended stainless steel #8 Split Rings ensure robust connections.
If your pursuit involves the thrilling challenge of chasing monster pelagics topwater style, then arm yourself with the Buku Pop H Popper. Cast with confidence and let this exceptional lure elevate your pelagic fishing endeavors to new heights!

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