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Cressi Pluma Mask, Snorkel And Fins Set

Explore Effortlessly: Cressi Pluma Mask, Snorkel & Fin Set

Crafted in Italy and engineered for excellence, the Cressi Pluma Mask, Snorkel & Fin Set is the epitome of quality and performance, tailored for snorkelers and casual/beginner spearfishers alike. Versatile and streamlined, this set ensures a remarkable underwater experience with minimal effort.

Dive into Superior Features:

Cressi Perla Mask: Low volume design with separate lenses ensures clarity, while the ergonomic skirt edge accommodates various face types. Rapid action buckles allow easy adjustments, providing a secure and tailored fit.

Cressi Pluma Fins: These lightweight, durable full foot fins offer remarkable comfort and flexibility. Designed using three materials for high performance, they resist damage even on rocky surfaces, ensuring a smooth and effortless kicking experience.

Cressi Gamma Snorkel: Flexible and comfortable, the Gamma Snorkel features a purge valve at the bottom for effortless air and water release. The top splash guard minimizes water intrusion, ideal for surface use in various water conditions.

Where Performance Meets Comfort:

This set is an amalgamation of quality, comfort, and functionality, ensuring an enjoyable and hassle-free exploration experience in both open and shallow waters.

Convenient and Portable:

Packaged in a Cressi carry bag, this set isn't just about the adventure—it's about easy transport and storage, making it an ideal companion for all your underwater escapades.

Your Gateway to Underwater Bliss:

The Cressi Pluma Mask, Snorkel & Fin Set is your ticket to effortless and rewarding underwater adventures. Whether snorkeling or venturing into spearfishing, this set guarantees reliability, comfort, and performance.

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