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Cressi ZS1 Mask: Compact, Lightweight, Unparalleled View

Performance Meets Portability

The Cressi ZS1 Mask, a frameless marvel, offers a wide field of view in all directions while catering specifically to adults with small faces. Crafted with a frameless silicone skirt bonded directly to the lens, this mask ensures sturdiness and an impeccable watertight seal.

Key Features

Enhanced View: Low-volume, single-lens design provides an expansive field of view, perfect for free-diving, spearfishing, snorkeling, and diving.

Streamlined Design: Frameless silicone skirt directly bonded to the lens reduces weight and minimizes drag, making it an ideal companion for travel and underwater agility.

Quick, Customized Fit: Fast-adjust ratcheting strap with a buckle mounted to the skirt ensures a secure yet comfortable fit, tailored to individual preferences.

Quality Construction: Crafted with high-grade silicone seals and a tempered glass lens, ensuring durability and clarity for your underwater explorations.

Ease of Use: Featuring an easy-access nose pocket for effortless equalization, enhancing your diving experience.

Enhance Your Dive

The Cressi ZS1 Mask is more than a gear; it's a partner in underwater exploration. Offering exceptional visibility, lightweight comfort, and a snug fit, it's an ideal choice for various water adventures. Remember, using Anti-fog is recommended for an optimal experience.

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