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Daiwa 23 Seapower 800 (a) Electric Reel

Daiwa SEAPOWER: Dominating Deep Waters

The eagerly anticipated successor to the TANACOM BULL, the SEAPOWER, has finally arrived to dominate the deep-sea realm. Equipped with the potent MEGATORQUE motor, akin to the renowned SEABORG reels, the SEAPOWER boasts approximately 1.3 times the power compared to conventional motor designs.

The MEGATORQUE motor ensures seamless start-up and exceptional durability. Custom-designed by DAIWA to prioritize torque above all, it delivers a powerful and reliable performance. Embracing the same redesigned frame as the TANACOM, the motor's new placement within the spool establishes a more direct drive system. This redesign includes a thicker and stronger planetary gearset, efficiently channeling the amplified power to the spool.

SEAPOWER introduces an array of options for anglers venturing into the coastal depths. With significant upgrades from the esteemed TANACOM series, the SEAPOWER is set to become a favorite among deep-drop anglers across Australia.

Technical Specifications:

Bearings: 5+1BB (5BB; 1RB; +4PL)
Maximum Drag: 30kg
Gear Ratio: 2.1:1 (140m/min)
Line Capacity (PE/m): PE #6/800m
Weight: 1980g
The Daiwa SEAPOWER is a formidable addition, equipped with the MEGATORQUE motor and substantial upgrades from its predecessor, promising unparalleled power and performance for deep-sea anglers.

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