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Daiwa Baitjunkie 3" Risky Critter Soft Plastic Lure

Introducing the Bait Junkie Risky Critter: A Versatile Creature Bait for Anglers

The Bait Junkie Risky Critter is a meticulously designed creature bait created by Daiwa's Tom Slater and Kris Hickson. Developed over a two-year period, this compact and versatile bait offers anglers a powerful tool for targeting various species in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Key Features:

Multi-Species Appeal: The Risky Critter is designed to cater to a wide range of fish species. While it's perfect for targeting bream, it can also serve as a bite-sized meal for Australian Bass, Yellowbelly, and even trout when trimmed down.

Realistic Action: The combination of forward and rear-facing legs on this creature bait creates a lifelike and enticing quivering action. This action is particularly effective when the bait sinks on light jigheads, attracting nearby predators.

Versatile Presentation: The claws and wings of the Risky Critter provide a subtle kick, making it a versatile bait for different fishing techniques. Whether you're hopping it off the bottom or using other retrieval methods, this bait's design will draw strikes.

Elastomax Material: Like all Bait Junkie lures, the Risky Critter is made from Elastomax material, which is slightly firmer than the original. This enhanced firmness improves the quivering action of the legs when paired with light jigheads.

Amino-X Infusion: The bait is impregnated with Amino-X, providing a natural flavor and scent to maximize bites, even in tough fishing conditions.

Color Variety: The Risky Critter is available in twelve distinct colors, catering to both freshwater and saltwater anglers. The range includes some new colors to the Bait Junkie lineup, ensuring you have options for different fishing scenarios.


Length: 76.2mm
Type: Creature Bait
Recommended Jighead Sizes: #2 to #1/0
Weedless Rigging Sizes: #2 to #1/0

With its versatile design, realistic action, and Amino-X infusion, the Bait Junkie Risky Critter is a must-have in any angler's tackle box. Whether you're targeting bream, bass, yellowbelly, trout, or other estuary species, this creature bait offers a reliable and effective option for a wide range of fishing situations.

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