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Daiwa J-thread Fc Fluorocarbon Fishing Leader


Embrace your evolution from fighter to leader with J-Thread FC, the latest innovation following the triumph of J-Braid. Crafted as a 100% fluorocarbon leader, it stands as a testament to resilience and performance, offering enhanced abrasion resistance and minimal memory for optimal handling. Sourced from Japan's finest materials, its low-memory core ensures smooth handling and superior knot performance. Engineered with a treated outer layer for heightened hardness and abrasion resilience, J-Thread FC is your ultimate companion in the battle against aquatic challenges. Available in a range of breaking strains from 4lb to 80lb, and offered in both 100m and 50m spools, it's your ready-made solution for any angling expedition. Additionally, each spool includes an elastic "Line Tender," adding convenience and versatility to your fishing setup.

  • Extremely abrasive-resistant fluoro leader
  • 100% Fluorocarbon
  • Fishing Line Specifications
    Model Line Type Line Strength (lb) Line Spool Length (m)
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 4LB-100M Fluorocarbon 4 100
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 6LB-100M Fluorocarbon 6 100
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 8LB-100M Fluorocarbon 8 100
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 10LB-100M Fluorocarbon 10 100
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 12LB-100M Fluorocarbon 12 100
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 14LB-100M Fluorocarbon 14 100
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 16LB-100M Fluorocarbon 16 100
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 20LB-100M Fluorocarbon 20 100
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 25LB-50M Fluorocarbon 25 50
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 30LB-50M Fluorocarbon 30 50
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 40LB-50M Fluorocarbon 40 50
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 50LB-50M Fluorocarbon 50 50
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 60LB-50M Fluorocarbon 60 50
    J-THREAD FLUORO LEADER 80LB-50M Fluorocarbon 80 50

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