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Daiwa Saltiga Rough Ride 140mm 47g Floating Stickbait Lure

Daiwa Saltiga Rough Ride: Mastering the Saltwater Arena with Unrivaled Excellence!

Heritage of Saltiga:
When a product carries the prestigious name of Saltiga, it signifies a deep-rooted legacy in the saltwater sport fishing scene. Introducing the Saltiga Rough Ride, a range of floating stickbaits meticulously crafted to uphold the esteemed Saltiga reputation. Tuned by the Daiwa Australia team, these stickbaits redefine excellence in saltwater angling.

Advanced Construction for Stability:
The Saltiga Rough Ride boasts a unique construction featuring a dimpled pattern reminiscent of a golf ball. This pattern serves a dual purpose, providing stability both during the cast through the air and the retrieve through the water. The dimples create a stable pocket of air around the lure, preventing tumbling and ensuring swimming stability even in rough water conditions.

Reinforced Internal Structure:
Internally, the Saltiga Rough Ride is fortified with a thicker stainless steel through-wire construction, guaranteeing unparalleled strength and reliability. No matter what challenges you encounter, this lure is engineered to stand resilient, ensuring you stay connected to your target.

Hybrid BKK Hook Setup:
Equipped with a hybrid BKK hook setup, the Saltiga Rough Ride features BKK Raptor X treble hooks on the belly hanger, strategically adding weight to the central body for enhanced action. Complementing this setup is the BKK Diablo inline single hook on the tail, positioned perfectly to secure a solid hook-set. This system, favored by topwater experts, ensures optimal hooking performance.

ADEL Foil and Exquisite Color Patterns:
Featuring Daiwa's ADEL foil to replicate the pearlescent underside of baitfish, the Saltiga Rough Ride dazzles with a range of color patterns meticulously designed by Daiwa Australia. These patterns not only mimic tried and tested Australian baitfish but also provide options for all conditions and locations.

Sizes for Varied Angling Scenarios:
Available in two sizes, the Saltiga Rough Ride caters to a host of angling scenarios. Whether you're targeting Trevally, Mackeral, or other speedsters off the top, this stickbait is your ultimate companion for saltwater excellence.

Embrace the legacy, experience the innovation, and elevate your saltwater fishing with the Daiwa Saltiga Rough Ride. A testament to precision engineering and unwavering performance, this stickbait stands as a true champion in the world of saltwater angling.

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