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Fishcraft Slim Shady 160mm 30g Hard Body Lure

Prepare for Epic Tropic Adventures with the Fishcraft Slim Shady 160: Your Ultimate Big Fish Special

Gear up for unforgettable angling experiences in the tropics with the Fishcraft Slim Shady 160, a must-have lure for any angler heading north. Whether casting or trolling, this versatile lure is engineered to target a wide range of hot saltwater species, including barramundi, threadfin salmon, XOS dusky flathead, mulloway, XOS tailor, giant trevally, and queenfish. With its exciting fish-attracting action and a running depth of 1.0m, the Slim Shady 160 is the ultimate choice for fishing sand or mud flats, gutters, creek mouths, rocky shores, rock bars, and submerged timber.

Key Features:

Tropical Trophy Mastery:
The Slim Shady 160 is designed to conquer tropical waters, offering anglers the opportunity to target trophy-class saltwater species. From barramundi to giant trevally, this lure is your essential companion for epic angling pursuits in the tropics.

Exciting Fish-Attracting Action:
Experience the thrill of an exciting fish-attracting action that commands attention from even the most elusive predators. The Slim Shady 160's dynamic movement mimics natural prey, triggering aggressive strikes and ensuring heart-pounding battles with trophy fish.

Perfect for Shallow Water Environments:
With a running depth of 1.0m, the Slim Shady 160 is perfectly suited for shallow water environments commonly found in tropical regions. Its adaptability to areas such as sand or mud flats, gutters, creek mouths, and rocky shores ensures you're equipped for success in diverse fishing scenarios.

All-Round Shallow Diving Performance:
Weighing 30 grams and measuring 160mm, the Slim Shady 160 epitomizes all-round shallow diving performance. Its balanced weight and size make it suitable for both finesse casting and trolling applications, providing versatility and control in your angling endeavors.

Classic Paint Finishes for Every Condition:
Choose from a range of classic Fishcraft paint finishes, meticulously designed to cover all possible conditions in both salt and freshwater. Time-tested colors such as Disco Splice, Silver Shad, Lime Chartreuse, White Widow, Pink Sherbet, Spotted Herring, Black & Gold, and Chartreuse UV Tiger ensure you're prepared for success in any fishing environment.

Durable Construction:
Built with hi-impact ABS construction, the Slim Shady 160 ensures durability and resilience against the toughest adversaries. Featuring a fish-attracting rattle, size 2 chemically sharpened hooks, and stainless steel split rings, this lure is a reliable companion for anglers seeking top-tier performance.

Each Fishcraft Slim Shady 160 lure is meticulously tuned to swim straight out of the box, delivering consistent and enticing movement that invites strikes from the most discerning fish. Elevate your tropic angling adventures with the Slim Shady 160 – where every cast brings you one step closer to trophy-worthy catches.

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