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Gt Ice Cream Skinny 2oz Sinking Sticknait Lure

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CID GT Ice Cream Skinny: A Garfish-Inspired Surface Lure for High-Speed Spinning

The CID GT Ice Cream Skinny stands out as one of the most sought-after surface lures for high-speed spinning, offering a design that mimics a garfish in action as it darts across the water's surface. This skinny model is tailor-made for anglers looking to entice fast-moving pelagics like tuna, salmon, tailor, and more. Its heavy-weighted design facilitates long-distance casting, making it an effective surface plug that can be deployed from the beach, boat, or rocky outcrops. Available in multiple sizes to suit diverse fishing conditions and target species, the CID GT Ice Cream Skinny is a versatile and reliable choice for anglers seeking exciting topwater action.

Key Features:

Heavy-Weighted Design:

Engineered for super long casting, the heavy-weighted surface plug design ensures that the lure can be propelled great distances, reaching fast-moving schools of pelagic fish.
Skinny Profile for Realism:

The lure's skinny profile is crafted to emulate the appearance of a garfish, providing a realistic presentation that entices predatory fish. As it zips across the surface, the CID GT Ice Cream Skinny imitates the movement of a fleeing baitfish.
Streamlined Shape for Maximum Distance:

The streamlined shape of the lure not only imitates a garfish but also maximizes casting distance by reducing drag. This feature enhances the lure's reach and effectiveness.
Versatile Fishing Environments:

Suitable for fishing from various environments, including rocks, beaches, and boats, the CID GT Ice Cream Skinny adapts to different angling scenarios.
Ultra-Strong Hook:

Rigged with an ultra-strong hook, the lure is equipped to handle the aggressive strikes of pelagic predators. This ensures a secure and reliable hook-up when the action intensifies.
Weight: 2oz:

The lure's 2oz weight adds to its casting capabilities, allowing anglers to cover a wide range of water and explore different depths to locate and entice pelagic species.
The CID GT Ice Cream Skinny is more than just a surface lure; it's a versatile tool designed to elevate the excitement of high-speed spinning. Whether you're casting from the beach, boat, or rocky terrain, this lure's realistic garfish profile, streamlined design, and strong hook make it a top choice for anglers pursuing fast and furious pelagic action. Get ready to experience the thrill of the chase with the CID GT Ice Cream Skinny and enjoy the dynamic world of topwater fishing.

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