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Molix Shad 100mm 24g Soft Plastic Swimbait Lure

MOLIX SHAD 100: A Versatile Soft Swimbait for Freshwater and Saltwater Predators

The Molix Shad 100 introduces a new version of the popular 4-inch soft swimbait, designed to entice both freshwater and saltwater predators. With a dedicated focus on delivering high-performance results, this sinking swimbait features innovative design elements to trigger strikes from a variety of gamefish. Let's delve into the key characteristics that make the Molix Shad 100 a versatile and effective choice for anglers.

Key Features:

Optimized Size: The Molix Shad 100 boasts a length of 10 cm (4 inches), making it an ideal size for targeting a wide range of predatory fish species. The compact yet impactful design enhances its versatility in various fishing scenarios.

Sinking Action: This soft swimbait is configured as a sinking lure, allowing it to reach different depths within the water column. The sinking action provides anglers with control over the presentation, making it suitable for exploring various depth ranges.

Weight: Weighing 24.5 grams (7/8 oz), the Molix Shad 100 is well-balanced to achieve optimal swimming performance. The carefully calculated weight contributes to its ability to mimic the natural movements of baitfish, attracting the attention of predators.

Shovel Insert: The incorporation of a shovel insert under the belly of the swimbait serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it enhances the lifelike appearance of the lure, imitating the underbelly of prey fish. Secondly, the shovel design generates high-frequency vibrations, acting as a stimulant to provoke aggressive strikes.

Versatile Applications: Designed for both freshwater and saltwater environments, the Molix Shad 100 exhibits versatility in targeting a diverse range of fish species. Whether you're pursuing bass, pike, walleye, or saltwater predators, this swimbait is crafted to deliver effective results.

Deep Range: The Molix Shad 100 is effective in a deep range, operating within depths of 30 to 100 cm (1 to 3.2 feet). This adaptability makes it suitable for a variety of fishing scenarios, from shallow flats to deeper structures.

High-Frequency Vibrations: The shovel insert not only contributes to the visual appeal but also generates high-frequency vibrations underwater. These vibrations serve as an additional attractant, making the swimbait more noticeable to nearby predators.

The Molix Shad 100 stands out as a versatile and effective soft swimbait designed to meet the demands of anglers targeting freshwater and saltwater predators. With its optimized size, sinking action, and innovative shovel insert, this swimbait offers a lifelike presentation that can trigger strikes in a variety of fishing conditions. Whether you're casting for bass in freshwater or enticing saltwater gamefish, the Molix Shad 100 is a valuable addition to your tackle arsenal. Explore the depths and attract predatory fish with the enticing movements and vibrations of the Molix Shad 100 soft swimbait.

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