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Nashy's 190mm 115g Sinking Stickbait Lure

Unleash the Power of the 190mm 115g Sinking Stickbait

Embark on an angling adventure with the 190mm 115g Sinking Stickbait, a purpose-built lure designed to cater to anglers of all expertise levels. Delve into the exceptional features that define this sinking stickbait, offering a versatile and captivating option for a wide range of fishing scenarios.

Key Features:

Versatility Tailored for All Anglers:

Crafted with every level Fisho in mind, the 190mm 115g Sinking Stickbait is designed to deliver versatility and performance across skill levels. Whether you prefer a slow and deliberate retrieve, a fast and dynamic pace, or employ long sweeps with pauses, this sinking lure accommodates various styles. Both retrieval approaches generate a substantial tail kick, creating an enticing 'S' swim action.
Dynamic 'S' Swim Action:

The lure's design ensures a dynamic and lifelike 'S' swim action, replicating the natural movement of prey in the water. This captivating swim action enhances the lure's allure, attracting predatory fish and increasing the chances of successful strikes. The realistic swimming motion adds authenticity to your fishing presentation, making it an effective choice for enticing bites.
Robust Construction for Endurance:

The 190mm 115g Sinking Stickbait boasts a sturdy 2mm straight-through wire construction, providing durability and resilience during rigorous fishing endeavors. To withstand challenging conditions and enhance longevity, the lure is meticulously finished with multiple coats of high gloss epoxy. This construction ensures that the sinking stickbait remains a dependable option for varied fishing environments.
Accessible Design for All Anglers:

With a user-friendly design, this sinking stickbait accommodates anglers of all experience levels. Whether you are a novice seeking an approachable option or an experienced angler looking for a reliable lure, the 190mm 115g Sinking Stickbait delivers on accessibility and effectiveness. Experiment with different retrieval techniques to tailor your approach to specific conditions and target species.
Adaptable to Diverse Retrieval Techniques:

Explore a range of retrieval techniques, including slow and fast retrieves, as well as long sweeps with pauses. The adaptability of the 190mm 115g Sinking Stickbait allows anglers to experiment and customize their fishing strategy based on prevailing conditions and the behavior of target species.
Elevate your fishing endeavors with the exceptional performance of the 190mm 115g Sinking Stickbait. Whether you're honing your skills or seeking a versatile lure for various fishing scenarios, this sinking option promises an exciting and rewarding experience on the water. Cast, retrieve, and anticipate the thrill of enticing strikes with this outstanding sinking stickbait.

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