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Nomad Riptide 155mm 45g Floating Stickbait Lure

Nomad Design RIPTIDE 155mm Floating Stickbait: Mastering the Surface with Unmatched Action

The Nomad Design RIPTIDE 155mm Floating Stickbait stands out as an exceptional choice for anglers seeking an ideal floating surface lure with a penchant for enticing predatory species. Crafted with precision and innovation, this floating stickbait exhibits a tail-down position while delivering an extremely erratic side-to-side 'S' shaped action when retrieved. Whether employing a long sweep of the rod or a twitched "walk the dog" style retrieve, the RIPTIDE 155mm Floating captivates with its enticing motion and significant body roll.

Key Features:

Floating Surface Stickbait:

The RIPTIDE 155mm is designed as an efficient floating surface stickbait. Its buoyancy allows it to maintain a tail-down position, presenting a realistic profile that mimics vulnerable baitfish on the water's surface.
Erratic Side-to-Side 'S' Shaped Action:

During retrieval with a long sweep of the rod, the RIPTIDE 155mm exhibits an extremely erratic side-to-side 'S' shaped action. This lifelike movement closely imitates the motions of distressed or fleeing baitfish, triggering predatory responses from target species.
Versatile Retrieve Styles:

Anglers can employ various retrieve styles with the RIPTIDE 155mm, including the twitched "walk the dog" technique. This versatility in presentation allows anglers to adapt to different fishing scenarios and entice strikes from a variety of predatory species.
Tail Weight for Long Casting:

The inclusion of a tail weight in the RIPTIDE 155mm enhances its casting performance, enabling anglers to reach distant feeding zones. This feature ensures that the lure remains effective in a range of water conditions, whether calm or rough.
Ideal for Calm or Rough Water:

The RIPTIDE 155mm Floating Stickbait is versatile enough to excel in both calm and rough water conditions. Its design and action make it a reliable choice for anglers seeking surface action regardless of the water's state.
Nomad Design Craftsmanship:

Nomad Design lures are synonymous with toughness, durability, and innovation. The RIPTIDE 155mm reflects the brand's commitment to producing lures that withstand real-world fishing challenges. Crafted with decades of experience on the water, Nomad Design lures are designed to be tougher, last longer, and consistently catch big fish.
The Nomad Design RIPTIDE 155mm Floating Stickbait emerges as a master of the surface, delivering unmatched action to entice predatory species. Its buoyant nature and tail-down position create a lifelike appearance on the water, while the erratic side-to-side 'S' shaped action mimics the movements of distressed baitfish. Anglers can employ versatile retrieve styles, including the effective twitched "walk the dog" technique, ensuring adaptability in various fishing scenarios. With a tail weight for extended casting distances, the RIPTIDE 155mm remains effective in both calm and rough water conditions. Crafted with Nomad Design's dedication to quality, innovation, and effective shapes, this floating stickbait stands out as a reliable and enticing choice for anglers targeting big fish on the surface.

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