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Rob Allen Vecta Belt Reel 60m

Rob Allen Vecta Belt Reel: Power and Adaptability

When a mighty fish tests your gun reel, the Rob Allen Vecta Belt Reel stands ready for action. Crafted from 30% glass-filled nylon and stainless steel, this reel guarantees unyielding strength and rust resistance, ensuring it endures the toughest battles.

Key Features:

Construction: Engineered from 30% glass-filled nylon and stainless steel for unparalleled strength and corrosion resistance.

Quick Fitting Design: The stainless steel backing plate and bungee loop allow effortless fitting and removal without the need to remove weights from your belt. Simply slide them apart and clip the backing plate directly onto your belt.

Integrated Handle: The backing plate features an integrated handle, enabling swift reel removal even while spinning, allowing for convenient attachment to a float. Its width provides stability during line rewinding.

Open Style Spool: Ensures rapid line drying after a dive and better control of line feed when rewinding. Capable of holding 60m of 1.8mm Dynema or 90m of 1.5mm Dynema, using the same spool as the gun reel.

Smooth Line Guide: Equipped with a stainless steel fairlead that guarantees smooth line movement, preventing wear on the guide and ensuring consistent performance.

Quick Release Loop: Designed for ease of use, even when facing the intense struggle of landing a catch.

The Rob Allen Vecta Belt Reel, initially set up for right-handed divers, is easily adaptable for left-handed use. It seamlessly attaches to any belt style or make, serving as an ideal addition to the Rob Allen Marsellaise weight belt.

Prepare for battles with big game fish confidently, knowing the Rob Allen Vecta Belt Reel is by your side, providing adaptability, durability, and seamless performance.

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