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Sharkbanz 2.0 Shark Deterrent Band

Sharkbanz: The Ultimate Active Shark Deterrent Band

Experience peace of mind in the water with Sharkbanz, the world's first active shark deterrent band. Developed by marine biologists, Sharkbanz employs patented magnetic technology to deter predatory shark species, making it the go-to choice for beachgoers, water sports enthusiasts, and marine professionals.

Proven Technology:

Scientifically Tested: Based on extensive research, including studies by the Western Australian Government, NOAA researchers, and third-party university verification, Sharkbanz is backed by proven science and effectiveness in deterring various shark species.

Effective Shark Deterrence:

Magnetic Repellent Technology: By overwhelming sharks' electroreceptors, Sharkbanz creates a highly unpleasant sensation, effectively deterring sharks and enhancing safety in the water.

Simple and Versatile:

Always Active: No batteries, no charging—Sharkbanz is always ready. At a lightweight of 85 grams, it's wearable on the ankle or wrist, making it ideal for various water activities such as diving, surfing, swimming, and more.

Premium Design and Build:

Enhanced Comfort and Durability: Crafted with soft silicone and a professional-grade stainless steel buckle, Sharkbanz prioritizes comfort and longevity for your peace of mind.

Universal Fit and Travel-Friendly:

Universal Sizing: Suitable for ages 5 and above, Sharkbanz offers a universal fit. With a depth rating of 100 meters (330 feet) and a magnetic shielded box for safe storage (included), it's travel-friendly and TSA compliant.
Experience unparalleled safety and freedom in the water with Sharkbanz—an innovative and scientifically-proven shark deterrent designed to empower your aquatic adventures.

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