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Shimano Electric Combo Beastmaster 9000b Status B/b 5'6" Pe 8-10 Pre-spooled Power Pro Braid 80lb 1050m



Shimano Beastmaster 9000B Electric Reel

The Shimano Beastmaster 9000B makes a major leap forward in electric reel technology with the introduction of the GIGAMAX MOTOR, a brushless motor designed to provide high torque and high speed while maximizing durability. The motor complimented by the new THERMO ADJUST DRAG system which is a control system made to suppress abnormal heat generation and maintain stable drag performance under load. It does this by automatically reducing the speed of the motor whilst the drag is slipping. The reel boasts a cross carbon drag system giving it 25kg of pressure.

Whether you’re bombing the abyss off the continental shelf, targeting mid depths or just want to have the low down pulling power in “shallow” water to get your tasty table fish to the boat before the men in grey suits get to them, the Beastmaster 9000B has the technology to do it all and keep doing long into the future.

Shimano Status PE 8-10 Game Rod

An amalgamation of the vaunted Status Bent Butt and the classic Tiagra game rod, the Status Blue Water is purpose-built to offer the most competent offshore fisherman a price-conscious gamefishing rod capable of targeting the largest offshore pelagic and deep-water species.

Featuring a Power-Carbon composite blank constructed from E-Glass and Graphite, the Status has massive hoop strength and durability while maintaining a comfortable bending curve. The Status Blue Water is the perfect rod for those wanting to prospect deep structure with electric reels or target pelagic species with high-capacity game reels.

Shimano Power Pro 80lb Braid

Shimano's Power Pro One Shot Depth Hunter is designed to be enough to fully spool a Shimano Electric Reel "in one shot".

For lure trollers, jiggers and casters, Power Pro Depth Hunter braid changes colour from blue to yellow, to green to orange, and has a black mark every five feet. This assists in delivering super accurate lure placement, repeatedly getting multiple lures or jigs back in the strike zone without tangles or snag-ups.


  • 4 strand construction
  • Multicoloured metered line
  • 100% spectra fibre
  • Made in USA

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