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Tfo Bvk Sd Fly Reel

TFO BVK SD Fly Reels: Sealed Drag Excellence at an Unbeatable Value

Introducing the BVK SD series of fly reels from TFO – a remarkable fusion of the successful BVK reel lineage, an advanced fully-sealed drag system, and all of this at an unchanged price point. TFO takes innovation to the next level by incorporating a fully-sealed drag system with a host of features, making the BVK SD series a versatile and reliable companion for both freshwater and saltwater angling adventures.

Key Features:

Fully-Sealed Drag System: The BVK SD series is equipped with a fully-sealed drag system, featuring Delrin® and stainless-steel components. This sealed design ensures protection against the ingress of dirt and debris, maintaining optimal drag functionality even in challenging and dirty environments.

Easy LH/RH Retrieve Changes: The reel is designed for super easy left-hand/right-hand retrieve changes, providing flexibility to anglers with different preferences. Effortlessly switch between retrieve directions to suit your individual fishing style.

Minimal Maintenance: With a fully-sealed drag system, the BVK SD reels require minimal maintenance. The sealed Delrin® and stainless-steel drag components contribute to the longevity and reliability of the reel, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Broad Drag Range: The newly designed drag system offers a noticeably broader range of resistance, providing anglers with the versatility to handle various fish species and challenging conditions.

Machined Aluminum Construction: Crafted from machined aluminum, the BVK SD reels deliver a robust and durable construction. The reels are anodized to enhance durability, making them suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Super Large Arbor Design: The super large arbor design ensures substantial line capacity and facilitates efficient line retrieval. Anglers can pick up line with exceptional speed, enhancing their overall fishing experience.

Versatile Four-Reel Series: The BVK SD series is available in four reel sizes, catering to a wide range of fishing applications. Whether targeting rainbow trout, bass, bonefish, or baby tarpon, there's a BVK SD reel to meet the demands of diverse angling scenarios.

Packaged with Reel Pouch: Each BVK SD reel comes packaged in a black nylon reel pouch, providing convenient storage and transport while ensuring the protection of your valuable fishing gear.

BVK SD Series Models:

Weight: 5.2 oz
Diameter: 4.10"
Width: 1.03"
Capacity: 205 yards/20 lb/WF8F
Weight: 6.0 oz
Diameter: 4.30"
Width: 1.03"
Capacity: 175 yards/30 lb/WF10F
Elevate your fly fishing experience with the TFO BVK SD series – where innovation, reliability, and unbeatable value converge. Whether you're a freshwater enthusiast or a seasoned saltwater angler, the BVK SD reels deliver performance and durability at an exceptional price. Order your BVK SD reel now and embark on your next fishing adventure with confidence.

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