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Zerek Live Cherabin 6" Soft Plastic Lure

Introducing the Zerek Live Cherabin: A Lifelike Soft Plastic Lure for Bottom Fishing

The Zerek Live Cherabin is a welcome addition to the Zerek Live range, building on the success of the Live Shrimp. Designed for anglers who prefer a straight retrieve close to the bottom, this innovative soft plastic lure is constructed using a special rubber material with several lifelike features. Here's what you need to know about the Zerek Live Cherabin:

Material and Features:

Special Rubber Material: The Live Cherabin is crafted from a unique rubber material that imparts durability and lifelike qualities to the lure. This material is designed to withstand the rigors of fishing while maintaining its realism.

Vibrating Legs and Feelers: The Live Cherabin is equipped with soft, vibrating legs and feelers. These appendages add a lifelike and enticing action to the lure as it moves through the water. The subtle vibrations mimic the natural movements of aquatic creatures, making it irresistible to predatory fish.

Flexible Abdomen: One of the standout features of the Live Cherabin is its flexible abdomen, which behaves like that of a live shrimp. This flexibility allows the lure to perform realistic actions in the water, enhancing its appeal to fish.

Fishing Techniques:

Straight Retrieve: The Live Cherabin is designed for a straight retrieve, making it ideal for anglers who want to keep their lure close to the bottom. This technique mimics the movement of a shrimp or cherabin as it scuttles along the substrate.

Twitching: Anglers can also employ a twitching technique to mimic a fleeing shrimp. By imparting short, jerky movements to the lure, you can create the illusion of a shrimp attempting to escape from pursuing predators.

Pauses: Allowing the Live Cherabin to pause during the retrieve lets it sink headfirst back to the bottom. This pause-and-sink action can trigger strikes from opportunistic fish lurking near the bottom.

In summary, the Zerek Live Cherabin is a soft plastic lure that excels in bottom fishing scenarios. Its lifelike features, including vibrating legs and feelers, as well as a flexible abdomen, make it an effective choice for enticing predatory fish. Whether you prefer a straight retrieve, twitching, or incorporating pauses, the Live Cherabin's versatility and realistic actions make it a valuable addition to your fishing arsenal. So, if you're targeting species that feed near the substrate, consider adding the Zerek Live Cherabin to your tackle collection for a chance at landing more fish.

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