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TP650 Bent Streamer Hook by Ahrex Hooks

The TP650 Bent Streamer Hook by Ahrex is a purpose-built hook designed for articulated streamer patterns that demand a unique angling action. Crafted with a specific focus on creating a wedged deer hair head for an enticing fish magnet effect, this hook is also excellent for tying jigging Clouser Minnow-style patterns. When flipped upside down with dumbbell eyes or a sculpin helmet, it transforms into an effective jig-style pattern.

Key Features:

Articulated Streamer Specialist: Tailored for articulated streamer patterns, the TP650 excels in creating an angled "wedge" deer hair head that triggers a fish-attracting action.

Versatile Design: Ideal for tying jigging Clouser Minnow-type patterns, making it a versatile hook for a range of streamer fly designs.

Jig-Style Pattern: When flipped upside down with dumbbell eyes or a sculpin helmet, the TP650 serves as an excellent hook for jig-style patterns.

Large Hook Gap: Featuring a large hook gap to accommodate bigger heads, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your streamer designs.

Strong Wire: Crafted with strong wire, ensuring durability and the ability to handle the challenges posed by large and aggressive fish.

Black Nickel Finish: The black nickel finish adds a touch of sophistication while providing corrosion resistance, contributing to the hook's overall durability.

26 Degree Bent Design: The 26-degree bent design enhances the unique action created by the wedged deer hair head, making it an effective fish magnet.

Chemically Sharpened: Enjoy the benefits of a chemically sharpened point, ensuring swift and efficient hook sets. The small barb ensures a secure hold without causing unnecessary harm.

Multiple Packet Options: Available in packets of 12 for sizes 2 – 3/0 and 10 for size 4/0, providing ample supply for your streamer tying needs.

Elevate your articulated streamer and jig-style fly tying with the TP650 Bent Streamer Hook. Whether you're targeting large, predatory fish or experimenting with innovative streamer patterns, this hook is designed to deliver exceptional performance and fish-catching action. Tie with confidence, knowing you have a hook crafted by Ahrex for the demands of modern fly fishing.

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