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Airflo Ridge 2.0 Flats Master Fly Line

Airflo SuperFlo Ridge 2.0 Flats Master Fly Line: Mastering the Flats with Innovation

Key Features:

Innovative Intermediate Tip: The Flats Master stands out with its 10' fast intermediate tip, designed to meet the specific needs of anglers targeting fish in deeper flats. Unlike traditional intermediate tip lines, the Flats Master introduces innovation for enhanced performance.

Non-Stretch Power Core: What sets the Flats Master apart is its utilization of Airflo's non-stretch power core. This core design maximizes sensitivity, providing anglers with a heightened feel for the line, improved hook sets, and optimized casting power. The non-stretch characteristic ensures a direct connection and quick response.

Maximum Feel: Anglers benefit from maximum feel when using the Flats Master. The non-stretch power core transmits subtle movements and signals with precision, allowing for better control over the fly and a heightened sense of the underwater environment.

Improved Hook Sets: The combination of the non-stretch core and fast intermediate tip contributes to improved hook sets. Anglers can capitalize on quick and effective hook-setting, increasing the chances of a successful and secure connection with the fish.

Optimized Casting Power: Casting power is a critical factor in fly fishing, especially in the flats where precision is key. The Flats Master's design optimizes casting power, providing anglers with the ability to make accurate and efficient casts, reaching their targets with ease.

SuperFlo Ridge 2.0 Technology: The Flats Master incorporates Airflo's SuperFlo Ridge 2.0 technology. This technology enhances shootability, reduces friction in the guides, and minimizes tangles on the deck. The result is a smooth casting experience with improved line control.

Versatile Design: Whether you're casting heavy crabs into strong winds or presenting bonefish patterns in a light breeze, the Flats Master's versatile design makes it suitable for various saltwater conditions and applications.

Transparent Intermediate Tip: The Flats Master features a transparent intermediate tip, providing stealth and minimizing visibility to wary fish. This clear tip ensures a low optical density, making the line nearly invisible to the target species.

Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the Flats Master is built to withstand the rigors of tropical flats fishing. The construction materials are chosen to handle the challenges presented by saltwater environments.

Available Line Size: The Flats Master is available in 10wt size with a floating density, catering to the needs of anglers pursuing a variety of saltwater species.

Elevate your flats fishing experience with the Airflo SuperFlo Ridge 2.0 Flats Master fly line. Its innovative features, non-stretch power core, and versatile design make it a go-to choice for anglers seeking top-tier performance on the flats.

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