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Alvey 60gt Surf Reel (was 600bt)


This product is stocked in assorted colours and styles. The colour and style will be selected and distributed randomly in orders. If you wish to choose a specific colour contact the store directly.

Alvey 60GT Light Surf Fishing Reel

The Alvey 60GT is a highly favored direct-wind light surf reel, featuring the Turbo Cast system and robust yet lightweight graphite back plates for an unparalleled fishing experience.

Key Features:

Turbo Cast System: Equipped with the Turbo Cast system, this reel guarantees long casts, complemented by its efficient spool design.

Controlled Fishing: Manage fish taking line by swiftly applying hand pressure to the line surface and spool, providing control and facilitating smooth retrieval.

Fish Alert Function: The fish alert switch on the reel's back warns of fish activity when the rod and reel are unattended, ensuring you never miss a catch.

Durable Design: With minimal moving parts and sturdy graphite back plates, this reel is resistant to issues caused by saltwater and sand exposure, maintaining performance even after rinsing in saltwater.

Line Capacity: Offers a line capacity of 500m/7kg, ensuring sufficient line for varied fishing needs.

Recommended Rods: Ideally paired with R60 and R62L rods for optimal performance and compatibility.

Spool Diameter: Features a spool diameter of 150mm (6"), facilitating efficient line management and retrieval.

The Alvey 60GT light surf fishing reel is designed to deliver exceptional casting capabilities, durability against harsh elements, and convenient features for a hassle-free fishing experience.

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