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Atomic Plazos 3" Prong Soft Plastic Lure

The Atomic Plazos Prong: A Versatile Prawn Imitation Soft Plastic Lure

The Atomic Plazos Prong is a unique and versatile prawn imitation soft plastic lure designed right here in Australia. Whether you're targeting fish in offshore or estuary environments, this lure offers a range of sizes to suit your fishing needs. Here are some key features and tips for using the Atomic Plazos Prong:

Unique Shape: Unlike traditional prawn imitations, the Atomic Plazos Prong boasts a unique shape that sets it apart. This distinctive design was crafted to attract a variety of fish species.

Multiple Sizes: The lure is available in various sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of fishing scenarios. From offshore fishing to estuary and dam fishing, you can find the right size to match your target species.

Versatile Presentation: The Atomic Plazos Prong can be cast and allowed to sink slowly. Its soft plastic tendrils wave enticingly in the current, making it irresistible to a variety of fish. You have the option to rig it unweighted or on a heavy jig head, providing versatility in your presentation.

Proven Effectiveness: Anglers have successfully used these lures on a variety of fish, including bream and bass in estuaries and dams, as well as barra and snapper in larger sizes. Flathead are also known to be fond of them. You can fish them super slow or twitch them like a fleeing prawn.

Lifelike Colors: The Atomic Plazos Prong comes in a range of lifelike colors, enhancing its realism and appeal to fish.

Target Species: This versatile soft plastic lure can be effective for a wide range of fish species, including bream, bass, flathead, estuary perch, snapper, yellowbelly, jewfish, barra, coral trout, and other reef species.

When to Use: The Atomic Plazos Prong can be used at various depths and environments. It can be rigged on a jighead or worm hook, with or without added weight. Whether you're fishing in estuaries, beaches, impoundments, or offshore, this lure has you covered.

How to Use: To maximize its lifelike action, rig the prong on a jighead or worm hook, ensuring it is straight. Using a loop knot allows the lure to swim freely. You can let it sink and work it back to the boat or shore with hops off the bottom. Experiment with different retrieve patterns to determine what the fish are responding to. This lure is ideal for snaggy areas and can be rigged weedless using an Atomic weighted worm hook or Gamakatsu unweighted worm hook.

The Atomic Plazos Prong is a versatile and effective soft plastic lure that can help you entice a wide range of fish species. Its unique design, lifelike colors, and adaptability in various fishing environments make it a valuable addition to any angler's tackle box. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, this lure offers the versatility and performance needed for successful fishing adventures.

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