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Bassday Sugapen Splash 75mm 5.3g Floating Stickbait Lure

Bassday Sugar Pen Splash Lure: A Triumph in Design and Performance

Introducing the Bassday Sugar Pen Splash Lure – a highly acclaimed and award-winning fishing lure that has captured the admiration of anglers across Australia. This topwater lure stands out with its precision design and innovative features, delivering exceptional performance tailored to attract predatory fish, notably whiting. It proudly holds the title of the best hard lure at the 2023 AFTA Tackle Show.

Key Features:

Award-Winning Design:

Recognized as the best hard lure at the 2023 AFTA Tackle Show, the Sugar Pen Splash Lure stands as a testament to its excellence in design and performance.
Realistic Prawn Imitation:

Boasting a unique and realistic design, the lure perfectly imitates the appearance of a struggling prawn on the water's surface, enticing predatory fish with lifelike movements.
Splash and Pop Action:

The concave face of the Sugar Pen creates an enticing splash and popping sound, generating a commotion that easily grabs the attention of fish from a distance.
Versatile Application:

The lure's versatility shines as it can be used effectively in both freshwater and saltwater fishing scenarios, offering anglers a wide range of fishing possibilities.
Accurate and Long-Distance Casts:

Compact in size with an aerodynamic shape, the Sugar Pen enables accurate and long-distance casts. Reach fish in hard-to-reach areas, increasing your chances of success.
The Bassday Sugar Pen Splash Lure is more than a fishing lure; it's a triumph in design and performance. Experience the excellence that garnered it accolades and make it your go-to choice for enticing predatory fish in diverse fishing environments.

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