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Black Pete Slap Happy 9'' Daisy Chain Teaser

Black Pete Slap Happy Daisy Chain Teasers: Attracting Big Game with Surface Commotion

When it comes to trolling for tuna and marlin, creating surface commotion is a key strategy to attract the attention of these big game species. The Black Pete Slap Happy Daisy Chain Teasers are designed to incorporate proven attractors in the form of rubber squid and birds, generating the necessary commotion to entice fish to your lures and baits.

Key Features:

Commotion for Attention: The primary objective of the Slap Happy Daisy Chain Teasers is to create surface commotion that grabs the attention of tuna and marlin. The design is focused on eliciting a response from these gamefish species, making them more likely to investigate and strike.

Rubber Squid and Birds: The teasers are equipped with rubber squid and bird attractors, which have proven to be effective in enticing gamefish. These elements mimic natural prey and trigger the predatory instincts of tuna and marlin, increasing the chances of a successful hookup.

In-Line Design: The daisy chain teasers are designed to be run in-line with your rigged lure, whether it's a skirt or diver. This configuration allows for a seamless presentation, ensuring that the teasers work in conjunction with your main lure to attract and engage gamefish.

Low Drag Design: Despite the incorporation of attractors, the teasers are designed with low drag in mind. This feature allows you to run them in-line without compromising the overall performance of your trolling setup. The teasers contribute to the spread without creating excessive resistance.

Versatile Rigging Options: The daisy chain teasers come rigged with a heavy-duty Black Pete snap, providing an easy attachment point for rigging if desired. This versatile rigging option allows for flexibility in how you deploy the teasers in your trolling spread.

Stand-Alone Teaser: In addition to in-line rigging, the teasers can be run as stand-alone teasers when switch or pitch baiting. This versatility allows you to adapt your trolling strategy based on the specific conditions and preferences for the day.

Bright, Easy-to-See Colors: The teasers feature bright, easy-to-see colors, enhancing visibility for anglers both on the bridge and on the deck. High-visibility colors contribute to the overall effectiveness of the teasers in attracting fish.

The Black Pete Slap Happy Daisy Chain Teasers are a valuable addition to your trolling arsenal when targeting tuna and marlin. By incorporating proven attractors and focusing on creating surface commotion, these teasers increase your chances of drawing in gamefish and achieving successful hookups. Whether run in-line with rigged lures or used as stand-alone teasers, the Slap Happy Daisy Chain Teasers offer versatility and effectiveness in big game trolling scenarios.


Attractors: Rubber squid and birds
Rigging: Heavy-duty Black Pete snap for easy rig attachment
Configuration: In-line with rigged lure or stand-alone teaser
Design: Low drag design for seamless integration into trolling spread
Colors: Bright and easy-to-see colors for enhanced visibility
Elevate your trolling game with the Black Pete Slap Happy Daisy Chain Teasers, designed to create commotion and attract the attention of big game species on the surface.

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