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Buku Holographic Strip 141 Fish Teaser

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Buku Dredge Strip Teaser: Unleash the Power of the Ocean's Illusion

Introducing the Buku Dredge Strip Teaser, a pre-made masterpiece designed to transform your fishing experience into a mesmerizing spectacle. This dredge teaser boasts 13 cups, each adorned with meticulously crafted holographic fish strips that create the illusion of a massive school relentlessly chasing your boat.

Key Features:

Holographic Fish Strips: With a total of 141 holographic fish laminated into the strips, the Buku Dredge Strip Teaser creates a stunning visual representation of a bustling school of fish. The outer strips feature 3 holographic fish, the inner strips boast 4, and the middle strips showcase 5, ensuring an incredibly lifelike and enticing presentation.

Durable Construction: The dredge itself is a robust 60cm wide masterpiece with 12 tow points, plus an extra one in the middle. The heavy-duty construction ensures longevity, while the multiple tow points allow for versatile setups, accommodating soft plastic teasers and/or strip teasers based on your preferences.

Versatile Setup: Tailor your fishing strategy with ease as the Buku Dredge Strip Teaser allows for soft plastic teasers and/or strip teasers off the back. This versatility ensures adaptability to different fishing conditions and target species.

Mesh Carry Bag: Conveniently transport and store your Buku Dredge Strip Teaser with the included mesh carry bag. Measuring 80cm x 25cm, this bag keeps your teaser secure and ready for action on every fishing expedition.

Elevate your offshore game with the Buku Dredge Strip Teaser – a visually captivating, versatile tool that mimics the spectacle of a massive school of fish. Immerse yourself in the illusion and let the ocean's magic unfold as you lure in your next big catch.

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