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Buku Marlin 6.5" Skirted Luire

Buku Skirts Marlin Lure 6.5": Trolling Pusher for Marlin Fishing

The Buku Skirts Marlin Lure is a specialized trolling lure designed for targeting marlin. Let's explore the key features and characteristics of this 6.5" marlin lure:

Key Features:

Weighted Trolling Pusher:

The lure is designed as a weighted trolling pusher. This indicates that it is crafted to be trolled through the water, creating a pushing action that attracts marlin. The weighted design contributes to stability and effective trolling at higher speeds.
Hard, Clear Resin Head:

The lure features a hard, clear resin head. This type of head construction is known for its durability and resilience in offshore trolling conditions. The clear design may also provide a realistic and enticing appearance underwater.
Tapered Head Design:

The head of the lure tapers in, which can be advantageous for trolling at higher speeds. This design element helps the lure maintain its stability and performance even in rougher sea conditions.
Suitable for Rough Conditions:

The Buku Marlin Lure is highlighted as a great option for trolling in rougher conditions. This suggests that it is designed to handle challenging sea conditions, making it a reliable choice for offshore marlin fishing.
Please note that specific color patterns, additional features, or variations in the Buku Skirts Marlin Lure may exist. Anglers often choose lures based on their preferred color combinations and the specific conditions they are fishing in.

In summary, the Buku Skirts Marlin Lure in the 6.5" size is tailored for marlin trolling, with features such as a weighted design, hard clear resin head, and suitability for rough sea conditions. Anglers can incorporate this trolling pusher into their offshore fishing arsenal for targeting marlin species.

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