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Buku Squid Daisy Chain 12'' Pusher Teaser

Buku Teaser + Daisy Chain 12" Squid with Pusher: A Marvel in Bluewater Fishing

Buku proudly presents the Teaser + Daisy Chain 12" Squid with Pusher – a superb addition to your bluewater fishing gear. Versatile enough for small trailer boats or charter vessels, and equally effective in pursuit of Tuna or Dollies, this exceptional setup guarantees an elevated fishing experience.

Key Features:

Enhanced Size, Enhanced Attraction: The 12" Squid Teasers deliver a larger-than-life presentation, enticing a broad spectrum of bluewater predators. Combined with a Lumo Pink Pusher, this dynamic ensemble ensures maximum visibility and allure in the depths.

Robust 150lb Buku Leader: Built on a foundation of strength, the 150lb Buku leader provides the backbone for a setup capable of handling the power and aggression of formidable game fish. This heavy-duty leader instills confidence, offering reliability in the face of challenging encounters.

Versatility Redefined: Suited for all types of bluewater fishing scenarios, from small trailer boats to charter vessels, the Buku Teaser + Daisy Chain accommodates diverse preferences and targets. Whether you're after Tuna or Dollies, this setup is engineered for success.

Lumo Pink or Green/Yellow Options: Tailor your presentation to match the conditions with the available Lumo Pink or Green/Yellow color options. This flexibility allows you to adapt to the water's dynamics, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Tested in Australian Conditions:

Proven Performance: Field-tested rigorously over 12 months in the challenging waters of Australia, this product has undergone real-world trials to ensure its effectiveness and durability.
Notable Features:

Striking Color Choices: Opt for Lumo Pink for high visibility or Green/Yellow for a vibrant alternative, adding an extra layer of adaptability to your fishing strategy.

Elevate your bluewater fishing adventures with the Buku Teaser + Daisy Chain 12" Squid with Pusher – where innovation, durability, and versatility come together for an extraordinary day on the open sea.

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